We are opening the 19th group ATPL theory course

We are opening the 19th group ATPL theory course. We are opening another group theory course: ATPL(A)650, suitable not only for those interested in ATPL(A) but also for those interested in IR(A) and CPL(A). The course is designed for holders of PPL and above who want to take the professional route in their aviation career or move into instrument flying.

The new course opens on 27.11.2022. We also allow later entry. For those interested in studying ATPL(H) theory, we will be happy to prepare a partially individual study plan. The course is a combination of self-study and follow-up consultations, under the guidance of our lecturers, who are experts in their field, mostly experienced commercial airline pilots and flight instructors.

The consultations are structured to allow sufficient time for the subject matter and your questions. The lessons are in Czech and take place only on weekends so that you can combine your studies with your normal life. The schedule is arranged in blocks logically connecting the subjects so that the preparation for the CAA exams is as convenient and timely as possible. We use our own eLearning portal, iSpring, as a self-study support and testing tool. We offer our students access to the Aviation Exam database of ATPL test questions for 6 or 12 months at a discounted price.

We have prepared more than 165 hours of consultations and seminars (the required minimum is 65 hours). More hours of consultations mean more time for a more individual approach and more room to go deeper into the issues. Our course includes the 15 subjects required by the CAA and additional seminars (e.g. CRM and PBN) to better prepare you for practice.

List of compulsory subjects:
Airframes and Systems
Principles of Flight
Air Law
Operational Procedures
VFR Communication
IFR Communication
General Navigation
Human Performance
Mass and Balance
Flight Planning
Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (KSA)

The course is planned to take approximately 10 months (the minimum time required to complete it is 37 weeks). There is a maximum time limit of 18 months for the entire course, during which all requirements must be met.

Course price: 43.999, – CZK without VAT

If you are interested, or for more information, please contact us at

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